Lumen: Parent Portal Directions for multiple children

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The picture above is an illustration of the icon you'll find after you sign in.

This is for parents who have more than one child attending GCMS, and they want to use the Parent Portal, which replaces Edine.  If you have lost any/all of the Lumen papers from registration, call one of the school offices for your login information.

First some vocab:

“Lumen,” “Lumination,” and “WeBSIS,” refer to the same thing.  I prefer to use the word Lumen.

“Parent Portal” and “Parent Lumen Access” are pretty much the same thing too.  I prefer to use Parent Portal.

“Lumen Portal,” which you’ll see on the GCMS web site, is for parents, teachers, and students.  We all go to the same login page.

“Location ID” is a number that corresponds to a school and at the moment, for me, it’s the biggest guilty party of problems with people logging in.  If you have problems logging in, my very first question will be did you change the Location ID number to what it needs to be?  The Location ID number for your account is printed on the letter titled “Lumen: Parent Access Letter.”  Even if you have kids at different schools, there is only one Location ID number associated with your parent access ID.

Continuing on with the directions:

1. Keep all the papers you received at registration.  You’ll need the information from each one to set up access to all of your students.

2. Pick one of those papers (keep the others handy!).  I suggest looking at the Parent Access User ID and picking the simpler/simplest one.

3. Go to GCMS’s web site and click Lumen Portal.

4. On the Lumen screen you’ll need to change the Location ID, and fill in the Login Name (same as Parent Access User ID), and Password.  Use the information from one of the papers your received at registration, probably with the title “Lumen: Parent Access Letter.”  Again, I’d use the one with the simplest user name.

5. After you sign in you’ll be on a red screen with our falcon in the upper left corner.  There is only one small icon on this screen and it says Parent Lumen Access.  Go ahead and click on that icon.  (BTW: yes there is a way to change your password; I’ll describe that at the end of these directions.)

6. On the next screen, which is titled, “My Students Summary Info,” you should see at least one of your children listed.  Please take this moment to click where it indicates to view and accept the terms and conditions.  Please click, read the terms, and click on the terms screen to accept.

7. Now, to add your other child…there’s a long button at the upper right that says, “Add My Other Students…”  Click there.

8. On the next screen… ok, here is why you had to save all the other Lumen papers from registration.  Here is where you have to use the information from those other sheets of paper to add your other students.  When you are done entering the requested information, be sure to click the button for “Request Access to Your Student Information.”  If you have a third student… well honestly I don’t know what happens after you click “Request…” but I assume it will take you back to “My Students Summary Info” where you can click “Add My Other Students…” again.

9. After you’ve added all your students, you are done with those Lumen papers.

10. And as promised… if you wish to change your password, click (lower left corner) EZStart (it’s like the Start button), and then go up to Personal Center, and over and up to Change Password.

Last, to properly log off of Lumen, please click EZStart and click Log Off.

Note on parent access ID’s: Lumen generates a parent access ID for each parent listed in the system.  This way, both you and the other parent can have your own accounts (btw: students will get their own Lumen accounts after school starts).  However, you do *not* have to activate both parent accounts if you wish to share one parent account.  The caveat of sharing is that only one person can use the account at a time, so if both you and the other parent have computer access during the day, and you both try to use Lumen at the same time, one of you will bump off the other.

I trust you will like Lumen better than Edline, especially with access to lunch information which will list your payments, what was purchased by your child, and the current balance.


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